Stand Tall Podcast#1 – Who we are, what Stand Tall is and a little about men’s mental health

Welcome, this is our first podcast. Just a quick conversation explaining who we are and what we do.

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Welcome to the Stand Tall Podcast. We are 2 guys who on a mission to learn about physical and mental health and hopefully get others to join us. Podcast #1 is a bit of an introduction to us, who we are, what stand tall is and a little about men’s mental health. Over the coming podcasts, we’ll be exploring all things mental health and wellbeing. Paul is a registered Mental health nurse and a mental health practitioner. Chaz likes barbells and adult PE. You local to South Wales? You a guy? Want to regain some lost confidence, want to learn a bit more about mental health and wellbeing? want to rebuild some connection and community? Get in touch and as soon as we got the dates ready and pilot phase completed we’ll get the information out there. For more information about what we do visit us at

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Some References

This paper discusses men and suicide prevention. Noted in the outset is how this is the leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds and how it disproportionately affects men.

There is some detail here about maladaptive masculinity can contribute to mental health problems with the male natural inclination for toughness and competition being orientated in directions that are counterproductive. Further thoughts are shared about how this inclination could be redirected in a more positive direction.

This paper also discusses ways in which services could be changed to be more accessible to men.

Men and suicide prevention: a scoping review Sophia Struszczyk, Paul Michael Galdas, and Paul Alexander Tiffin – Journal of Mental Health September 2017. 

Despite this ONS data shows that Men are still less likely to access help.

 Men and boys coalition have some interesting key statistics on quality of life for Men.

Some other sources for statistics

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